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In the State of Washington there is a tiered system for sentencing regarding DUI cases with a lower penalty for offenders with a .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) and higher penalties for offenders possessing a BAC at or above .15.  There are additional violations for refusal to submit and or associated criminal charges related to a DUI arrest that may incur additional administrative penalties or criminal penalties.


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Criminal Penalties in the State of Washington –  First Offense

For the first offense convictions carry a mandatory incarceration of one (1) day, two(2)days for offenders with BAC in excess of .15%.  Maximum incarceration in either case cannot exceed one (1) year.

The State of Washington may employ a form of community control, known as electronic home monitoring, in lieu of mandatory incarceration for a period of fifth(15) days or thirty (30) days, depending on BAC of driver.

Fines are many and start at a minimum of $865 to a maximum of $5,000 for offenders with a BAC below .15%.  Offenders with BAC above .15% face fines of at least $1,120. but not more than $5,000.  Fines do not include costs related to completion of sentence or reinstatement of license.


Please give the Car Keys to a Friend!

IF drinking give the car keys to a friend

Criminal Penalties in the State of Washington –  Second Offense


If you have been arrested the second time for a DUI in Washington you will serve a minimum of 30 days or up to 1 year and 60 days of electronic home monitoring.  Fines can be up to $5,000.  You will be ordered to install a ignition interlock device on your vehicle at your own expense.

The third time you are convicted of drunk driving in Washington you will spend a minimum of 90 days in jail and 150 days of electronic home monitoring at the convicted drivers expense, with fines up to $5,000.  Your drivers license will be suspended for 3 years.  You will be ordered to install a ignition interlock device on your vehicle at your own expense.


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For more information regarding how the State of Washington handles DUI cases, visit the Washington State Courts Website.

These are serious charges,  you need an attorney to get you the best defense possible.  I have represented over 800 persons, like you.  If you have been charged with DUI, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this offense.  The legal repercussions of this DUI charge can be life altering and permanent.   Do not delay in calling DUI Attorney Lynnwood Marke Schnackenberg at the phone numbers below.

Defending a person for DUI is one of the most important responsibilities of my criminal defense practice.  Unlike so other criminal defense attorneys, I do defend individuals that have been charged with other crimes. Often because those very same individuals find themselves in trouble again and seek me out to help them again.  Or, their friends plead with me to help them as I had helped their friend or associate.  This, the power of the referral for criminal defense representation that encourages me to broaden my practice to help others who have been charged with crimes other that DUI, such as, Hit and Run, Domestic Violence, Assault, and even Theft.


Arrested for DUI in Washington

I take it personally when I represent someone for a DUI.  I have been trusted to help a person who is faced with going to jail, losing their driver’s license, paying expensive court costs, expensive treatment fees, not to mention the impact that losing their license and having to have an ignition interlock device has on their life and their employment.

A DUI will also have consequences about travel to Canada and will impact a person’s ability to become an American citizen or obtain and find certain professional licenses.

So, there are many important details to be mindful of to effectively represent an individual for DUI.   I consider all of these factors and welcome the opportunity to help someone.  I suppose, to reflect a little about my history, if I had been better in the physical sciences I might have become a physician, since I really enjoy assisting others with my personal and legal skills.

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Why can I still be as effective as some attorneys who concentrate exclusively on DUI defense?  Simply stated, as a former prosecutor of the State of Washington and the City of Seattle and a criminal defense attorney since 1996,  I thoroughly understand what is going through the minds of the prosecutor and the judge that you will be facing.

These same prosecutors also prosecute more than one type of crime. They handle DUIs, Domestic Violence cases, Theft cases, Hit and Run cases, and many others.  Often, when I speak with them and I can relate to their typical case load and also their mindset and this gives me an advantage in understanding them.  And, the better that I know the prosecutors and what they are thinking the more likely I can negotiate a better result for my client than if I had a limited understanding of the DUI Defense Lawyer as an attorney who only a diet of DUI Defense might have.

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My DUI criminal defense attorney style is also people friendly.  This means that respect for my client is paramount period.  Your live and liberty is often in my hands considering what might happen or not happen in your case.  So, avoiding jail time, costly ignition interlock devices, alcohol monitoring devices (worn on the ankle, called SCRAM bracelets), costly alcohol treatment, and driver’s license suspensions or revocations…This is what I do!  I know the choices and where options can be found to avoid much of these supposed requirements.  This comes from my vast experience in representing over 2,000 persons for DUI alone.  So, if I am effective like an attorney who only takes DUI clients, well, the proof is in the numbers and my practice that continues to grow and thrive because my client’s write recommendations and refer others to entrust with their representation!


DUI Defense Attorney Marke Schnackenberg

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I am a DUI Defense attorney and I know exactly how to challenge these types of charges. Since 1995, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in this area of the law, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. This means better results for you because I have proven myself time and time again with my clients and their friends over the years.

These are some of the key areas of my practice. I am ready and able to defend you and your future in the following:

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