Lynnwood WA Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence charges are very important to fight because the results will be permanent in someone’s record. That is why I take these charges especially seriously when I am representing one of my clients because I know his or her future, his or her life sometimes, and also his or her second amendment rights will be directly affected by how their case is handled in the end.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Lynnwood WA

I have represented over 400 good persons who have been accused of domestic violence during my over 25 plus years of criminal defense law practice. Some of been father some have been mothers some have been in the military some have held professional, licensed jobs. 

Domestic Violence Attorney

All were in jeopardy of having their important lives affected by the results of a domestic violence charge. It is a charge that will never come off a persons record so how it is handled is so so important. That is why I take this sort of charge very very seriously!

Many good persons have trusted me over the years to defend them against these allegations of domestic violence. Please view some of the testimonials of my former clients who praised my efforts and my results for them. They are especially important to me because my law practice is a client-based practice and a client-based practice is one that relies upon word of mouth and client referrals to keep me in the profession of defending good citizens who have been accused falsely of domestic violence.

“I have seen the other side in the Court Room as a Former Prosecutor handling these type of cases. I know what to expect from the prosecutor.” 

Domestic Violence Arrested Washington

I will say that it is often the case of one person‘s word against another person‘s word. In criminal defense work and criminal defense law this is called a he said she said case. I listen very closely and read very closely all information that’s given to me concerning these cases. 

I look to determine credibility in the witness and consistency or inconsistency in the story that is given by them. This is very important because the case off and depends upon, their credibility. I go further I dig into someone’s past when my clients future is at stake. I seek out any criminal record concerning a person who is accusing my client and I seek to use whatever record I can against them because again my clients interests are paramount for me.

I leave no stone unturned so to speak in the defense of my clients because as I said before their life and their future is at stake. This is my method and this is my credo for criminal defense. I will be glad to hear from you if you are in need of such a lawyer. My rates for representation are reasonable for the reasons I have stated already your satisfaction is important because receiving a referral is one of the highest honors that I have experienced in my professional career. Thank you for reading I look forward to hearing from you.

Lynnwood WA Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence Attorney

Marke Schnackenberg

My office is conveniently located in the city of Lynnwood WA next to the Lynnwood city police department in Lynnwood Municipal Court House. I can often consult with you over the telephone most effectively and we can discuss your case and talk about representation. I am a very experienced domestic violence attorney in Lynnwood and serves all the surrounding areas of Snohomish County.

You can send me an email via my contact form or call me at any of the phone numbers listed below.

Call: 206-228-0496

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