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Domestic Violence Defense Lynnwood WA – You should understand what “Domestic Violence” means in Washington. It describes any offense, and there are many, that occurs between a family or household member. It can also mean any offense between a person that you were once in a dating relationship with or living with under the same roof, for example, a roommate, even if this was in the past!

This type of charge, called DV, can be added to many different offenses. The most common being assault, malicious mischief, no-contact orders, and harassment. Then there is the very serious felony assault charge.  And, by the way, an assault is very easy to commit too. It amounts to any unwanted touching of another without their consent.  There is another term for another charge that can be DV related.  It is called malicious mischief, which is a fancy term for property damage. And, this can be damage to property that is owned between a husband and wife, which is nearly everything since this a community property state. So, even though the object might have once been a gift it is often considered community property. Quite a problem.



Harassment is simply threats. And, these can be via face-to-face, email, voice mail, just as violations of No-Contact or Protection Orders. It is of drastic importance what a Domestic Violence designation does for an ordinary charge. A person must first be arrested and taken to jail, a No-Contact Order often follows in court, followed by a loss of your firearm rights if you are convicted. And, in some places there is a special Domestic Violence Court that can be much tougher on you, the accused.

Police in Washington must respond to all domestic violence calls, even to a hang-up call. And, you will go to jail if they believe that you have committed a domestic violence offense within the past four hours. But, what the police believe does not mean that you are guilty or will be convicted of this! It simply means that you are now in trouble and need me to help you. And, I will!

Please know that what the alleged victim wants to have happen will not sway the police. The police must follow the law and arrest someone. This means that if they come to a domestic violence call someone is very likely going to jail. You could be held or released and ordered to come to your arraignment. In some courts, this arraignment is delayed because the police must send their report to the prosecutor who will later decide whether to charge you or not.

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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

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