Court Procedures To Expect For Domestic Violence Cases

Court Procedures - Lynnwood WA Justic Center

Court Procedures – What to expect when you go to court at the Lynnwood Municipal Courthouse for a Domestic Violence, No Contact Order, Protection Order, Stalking, Malicious Mischief charge:

The courthouse sits a little back from the street of 44th Ave. West and 194th St. in Lynnwood, Washington. This red brick building from the 1970s houses the Lynnwood Police Department, Lynnwood City Jail, and the Lynnwood Municipal Court. The Court itself sits on the second, or top, floor, and up there is the court clerk’s office, the court’s probation department, and the Lynnwood Municipal Court’s courtroom. Running the Lynnwood Municipal Court is the presiding Judge Stephen Moore, who assumed this role in 2000. He has a background in prosecution with the King County Prosecutor’s Office and he was raised in Tacoma, Washington.

Now, for a person being summoned into court, it can be a very nervous experience. Having an experienced attorney at your side, like myself, will make the situation calmer for you. I will explain the process then and now for you, so you will not be in the dark and will be as comfortable as possible. This is my goal.

First, the court’s guard at the door upstairs will initially search us, just as if we were going to the airport to board a plane. So, it is generally best to limit the amount and type of carry-on material when going through this stage to have less intrusive searching of your person. I limit the amount of metal objects in my pockets, etc., when I go to any courtroom. And I have visited courtrooms about 2,000 times in my career thus far. Here, less carried is better.

court procedures - lynnwood waNext, we will be appearing in front of the judge for our first appearance, which is usually called the arraignment. But first, I will confer with the prosecutor there, who is the venerable Mr. A. James Zachor, his partner Melanie Dane-Thomas, Zachor’s son “Jimmy,” or with many of the other attorneys that have been hired them to represent the City of Lynnwood to prosecute you. Next, I will confer with the Victim Services Coordinator for the City of Lynnwood, former called the Domestic Violence Advocate, about the case and whether any person who might be called a victim in the case has been contacted by them and whether a no-contact order will be recommended by this Coordinator or the city prosecutor.

After that, I will confer with you and you soon will be making a plea of not guilty with me. At that time, I will be talking to the judge about your conditions of release or bail or whether a no-contact order is needed or not. Your input is essential for me in representation and your account of what occurred is essential towards preparing your defense.

Finally, the judge will order pre-trial conditions for you to follow and then you will receive court dates for us both to return to. In about a week or so, I will receive the police report and other evidence that might be used against you, such as, photographs, video, audio recordings, etc. Also, so you will know exactly what can possibly happen throughout the case, I will consult with you throughout, and with the alleged victim, as soon as possible. And, rest assured I will find the best defense and fight for you all along the way.

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