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If you have been arrested for shoplifting or other theft charges,  please do not delay in getting help as soon as possible.  With this experience your future often flashes in front of you and you have been questioned by rude persons who work for store security.  And, then a police officer is called, arrives, and questions you some more.  Statements are often taken, papers are forced upon to be signed, and tickets are pushed into their hands ordering them to appear before a judge in a court of law, or else, you may be under threat of going to jail.  Call me now!

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I have represented mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons who have come to me after the often humiliating experience of being confronted in a retail store or mall hallway and taken to the an uncomfortable backroom and where they were treated like a criminal!  And, they and you are not!

shoplifting defense attorney

Shop Lifting Defense Attorney

Without the best legal representation, the situation can rapidly spiral out of control.  The person does not know what their legal rights are, does not know who they can trust, and often can worry themselves sick thinking about what the consequences of a Theft 3rd Degree or Shoplifting conviction can mean for their future, their job, their future employment, their professional license, their family and their personal reputation.

Please read some of the testimonials that have actually been written by my clients.  Yes, actually written by them and not by my friends, family, or associates!

I have helped a hardworking nurse who was coming home from work in an exhausted condition and had forgotten to pay the ticket machine when she boarded a train in Seattle.   She was accosted by a security man and charged with Theft in the 3rd degree and this threatened to have suspended from nursing and lose her job!  I was able to have the charge dismissed after I lobbied extensively with the King County District Attorney’s Office in Seattle, and my client happily keep her job and never went to jail.

I recently have helped a mother who was stressed out from her family problems and she had gone into a store and had walked out without paying for all the items in her shopping cart.  This charge was also dismissed and she never went to jail.

Or, just last month, I helped a young woman who was dealing with some difficult personal issues in her life and made a mistake at a department store by leaving without paying for an item and was truly sorry about it afterwards.  This too, as in many, many cases and situations, I was able to have the charge dismissed, and she will be eligible to have her record cleared in the future.

I could go on and on telling you about how I have helped so many good persons caught in a bad situation.  If you are in such a situation, please take a moment and give me a call in Lynnwood, Edmonds, or Seattle and so you can help and you can have the best, affordable legal representation fighting on your side.

Being charged with Shoplifting, better known in Washington State Law as Theft in the Third Degree, can be a complex and traumatic event for you in your life.  I know, because as an vastly experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor of the State of Washington and the City of Seattle, I have actually prosecuted hundreds of persons just like yourself and since moving to the better side of justice, as a Criminal Defense Attorney, I have developed the best forms of defense for good citizens, like yourself, who have been put into a very awkward and embarrassing situation and truly need the best legal help they can find.

Shoplifting Defense Attorney Marke Schnackenberg

“Let me help you as soon as possible and begin to take some of that weight off your shoulders.”

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Attorney Marke Schnackenberg

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I have represented scores of good individuals in the cities of Lynnwood, Edmonds, Seattle, Everett, and Mill Creek.   I have helped many who have really needed the best attorney for the case at a price that is reasonable.   My representation contains no hidden costs or fees.   For example, my office will not charge a larger fee for a case that goes all the way to a trial, as some attorneys.  I also don’t believe in taking advantage of a person’s vulnerable financial status by increasing the representation costs when a person has exceptionally well-paying employment.   Beware of this practice from some!  

In fact, I endeavor to keep my office overhead low by directly handling all matters, and not passing them onto to a paralegal or a junior attorney who has less experience and who are not directly hiring to handle your case.  Why?  Because I believe that directly handling matters is best for my client results more than my own convenience!

Call for a free initial consultation!  My numbers are listed below.  Or visit my contact page and send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Marke Schnackenberg – Theft Defense Lawyer 


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