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Domestic Violence Defense Lynnwood WA – You should understand what “Domestic Violence” means in Washington. It describes any offense, and there are many, that occurs between a family or household member. It can also mean any offense between a person that you were once in a dating relationship with or living with under the same roof, for example, a roommate, even if this was in the past!

This type of charge, called DV, can be added to many different offenses. The most common being assault, malicious mischief, no-contact orders, and harassment. Then there is the very serious felony assault charge.  And, by the way, an assault is very easy to commit too. It amounts to any unwanted touching of another without their consent.  There is another term for another charge that can be DV related.  It is called malicious mischief, which is a fancy term for property damage. And, this can be damage to property that is owned between a husband and wife, which is nearly everything since this a community property state. So, even though the object might have once been a gift it is often considered community property. Quite a problem.


Harassment is simply threats. And, these can be via face-to-face, email, voice mail, just as violations of No-Contact or Protection Orders. It is of drastic importance what a Domestic Violence designation does for an ordinary charge. A person must first be arrested and taken to jail, a No-Contact Order often follows in court, followed by a loss of your firearm rights if you are convicted. And, in some places there is a special Domestic Violence Court that can be much tougher on you, the accused.

Police in Washington must respond to all domestic violence calls, even to a hang-up call. And, you will go to jail if they believe that you have committed a domestic violence offense within the past four hours. But, what the police believe does not mean that you are guilty or will be convicted of this! It simply means that you are now in trouble and need me to help you. And, I will!

Please know that what the alleged victim wants to have happen will not sway the police. The police must follow the law and arrest someone. This means that if they come to a domestic violence call someone is very likely going to jail. You could be held or released and ordered to come to your arraignment. In some courts, this arraignment is delayed because the police must send their report to the prosecutor who will later decide whether to charge you or not.

If you are from Lynnwood WA or surrounding cities and have been charged with Domestic Violence Charges, you will want a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Lynnwood WA who specializes in this area.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you and your family have been experiencing domestic violence and if there is a member being charged with Domestic Violence, don’t delay in getting legal help for a professional lawyer in Lynnwood or Edmonds Washington.

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Court Procedures

Court Procedures To Expect For Domestic Violence Cases

Court Procedures - Lynnwood WA Justic CenterCourt Procedures – What to expect when you go to court at the Lynnwood Municipal Courthouse for a Domestic Violence, No Contact Order, Protection Order, Stalking, Malicious Mischief charge:

The courthouse sits a little back from the street of 44th Ave. West and 194th St. in Lynnwood, Washington. This red brick building from the 1970s houses the Lynnwood Police Department, Lynnwood City Jail, and the Lynnwood Municipal Court. The Court itself sits on the second, or top, floor, and up there is the court clerk’s office, the court’s probation department, and the Lynnwood Municipal Court’s courtroom. Running the Lynnwood Municipal Court is the presiding Judge Stephen Moore, who assumed this role in 2000. He has a background in prosecution with the King County Prosecutor’s Office and he was raised in Tacoma, Washington.

Now, for a person being summoned into court, it can be a very nervous experience. Having an experienced attorney at your side, like myself, will make the situation calmer for you. I will explain the process then and now for you, so you will not be in the dark and will be as comfortable as possible. This is my goal.

First, the court’s guard at the door upstairs will initially search us, just as if we were going to the airport to board a plane. So, it is generally best to limit the amount and type of carry-on material when going through this stage to have less intrusive searching of your person. I limit the amount of metal objects in my pockets, etc., when I go to any courtroom. And I have visited courtrooms about 2,000 times in my career thus far. Here, less carried is better.

court procedures - lynnwood waNext, we will be appearing in front of the judge for our first appearance, which is usually called the arraignment. But first, I will confer with the prosecutor there, who is the venerable Mr. A. James Zachor, his partner Melanie Dane-Thomas, Zachor’s son “Jimmy,” or with many of the other attorneys that have been hired them to represent the City of Lynnwood to prosecute you. Next, I will confer with the Victim Services Coordinator for the City of Lynnwood, former called the Domestic Violence Advocate, about the case and whether any person who might be called a victim in the case has been contacted by them and whether a no-contact order will be recommended by this Coordinator or the city prosecutor.

After that, I will confer with you and you soon will be making a plea of not guilty with me. At that time, I will be talking to the judge about your conditions of release or bail or whether a no-contact order is needed or not. Your input is essential for me in representation and your account of what occurred is essential towards preparing your defense.

Finally, the judge will order pre-trial conditions for you to follow and then you will receive court dates for us both to return to. In about a week or so, I will receive the police report and other evidence that might be used against you, such as, photographs, video, audio recordings, etc. Also, so you will know exactly what can possibly happen throughout the case, I will consult with you throughout, and with the alleged victim, as soon as possible. And, rest assured I will find the best defense and fight for you all along the way.

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DUI Defense Attorney

DUI Defense Attorney Lynnwood WA

DUI Defense Attorney, Physical Control and Hit and Run Defense
Lynnwood, Edmonds, and Across the State of Washington. A Results-Oriented Approach to Representation by Marke Schnackenberg Lawyer in Lynnwood WA.

My experience is extensive in all the areas of DUI, Physical Control, and Hit and Run.  Particularly in the courts of Lynnwood and Edmonds. There, as I have already said, I have  represented over 800 good persons, like you, who have been had the misfortune to be charges with DUI or the related crimes. And, many more individuals across the state. Some related charges can be the crimes of Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the First Degree, which often come with a DUI, especially if the incident involved an accident. Many others, including that of a felony-level charge  Vehicular Assault are related to DUI.

DUI Defense AttorneyI understand all of these charges because as a prosecutor I formerly brought these charges against people. They often carry many other consequences beyond jail and loss of license that I am very mindful of when I represent my clients. I am also very aware that your job, professional license, travel freedoms, and immigration problems can be some of these many consequences related to having a DUI conviction. So, it is vital to have my office giving you the advantage to keep all of these matters in mind to protect all of your rights. I strive to look at the whole picture of the situation because DUI and some of the other crimes listed below may alter your future permanently and must never be overlooked. Specifically, a DUI can become grounds for termination from some areas of employment or disqualification from obtaining professional licenses.

The legal impact of DUI is also permanent. It is also one of the few charges that never be removed from a person’s record, called expungement process. DUI can affect a person’s ability to obtain certain type of jobs in the future. And, DUI will cause a person in particular areas of employment to be terminated. DUI will prohibit a person from traveling to another county in some areas. And, DUI will significantly raise the costs for your buying required motor vehicle insurance as well. Read below some of the crimes that I have helped others with in a DUI situation.  You need a good criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Some of the Crimes Often Related to DUI:

Vehicular Assault
Minor DUI
Drug DUI
Physical Control
Reckless Driving
Reckless Endangerment
Hit and Run Attended
Hit and Run Unattended
Negligent Driving in the First Degree

DUI Defense Attorney Marke Schnackenberg – Serving Lynnwood, Edmonds, Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Brier, Alderwood Manor, Bothell and Mill Creek, communities and surrounding cities, in Snohomish County, WA

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Theft Defense Attorney

Theft Defense Attorney in Lynnwood, Edmonds, WA

“Have A Strong Theft Defense From A Leading Lawyer Who Has Helped Hundreds”

Theft Defense Attorney – You should understand that in our state, the level or severity of the a theft charge is decided by the type and the value of whatever is claimed to be stolen. The most common theft charge is shoplifting, which is taking property from a retail establishment. A theft can be in the Third Degree, the lowest level of theft, all the way up to a Felony Theft, depending on the value of the item taken.

Theft Defense AttorneyThere are three degrees of theft charges (1st Degree, 2nd Degree, and 3rd Degree).

Each are charged differently as follows:
Third Degree Theft occurs when the value of the items stolen is less than $750, and the theft does not include a firearm or a motor vehicle. This level of theft charge is a gross misdemeanor and can be punishable by up to one year of jail and up to a fine of $5,000 or both.

Second Degree Theft includes theft of items above $750, and not more than $5,000, and does not include a motor vehicle or a firearm. This level of theft charge is a Class C Felony and is punishable by up to five years on jail and up to a fine of $10,000 or both.

First Degree Theft is the most serious of theft charges and covers thefts over $5,000 and includes penalties of up to 10 years in jail and up to a $20,000 fine or both. Like the other lesser degrees of theft, this charge does not involve a motor vehicle or gun theft.
Theft of a motor vehicle or theft of a firearm are Class B Felonies, a serious offense, and charged as such, regardless of the value of the motor vehicle or of the value of the firearm.

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