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DUI Defense Attorney, Physical Control and Hit and Run Defense
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My experience is extensive in all the areas of DUI, Physical Control, and Hit and Run.  Particularly in the courts of Lynnwood and Edmonds. There, as I have already said, I have  represented over 800 good persons, like you, who have been had the misfortune to be charges with DUI or the related crimes. And, many more individuals across the state. Some related charges can be the crimes of Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the First Degree, which often come with a DUI, especially if the incident involved an accident. Many others, including that of a felony-level charge  Vehicular Assault are related to DUI.

DUI Defense AttorneyI understand all of these charges because as a prosecutor I formerly brought these charges against people. They often carry many other consequences beyond jail and loss of license that I am very mindful of when I represent my clients. I am also very aware that your job, professional license, travel freedoms, and immigration problems can be some of these many consequences related to having a DUI conviction. So, it is vital to have my office giving you the advantage to keep all of these matters in mind to protect all of your rights. I strive to look at the whole picture of the situation because DUI and some of the other crimes listed below may alter your future permanently and must never be overlooked. Specifically, a DUI can become grounds for termination from some areas of employment or disqualification from obtaining professional licenses.

The legal impact of DUI is also permanent. It is also one of the few charges that never be removed from a person’s record, called expungement process. DUI can affect a person’s ability to obtain certain type of jobs in the future. And, DUI will cause a person in particular areas of employment to be terminated. DUI will prohibit a person from traveling to another county in some areas. And, DUI will significantly raise the costs for your buying required motor vehicle insurance as well. Read below some of the crimes that I have helped others with in a DUI situation.  You need a good criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Some of the Crimes Often Related to DUI:

Vehicular Assault
Minor DUI
Drug DUI
Physical Control
Reckless Driving
Reckless Endangerment
Hit and Run Attended
Hit and Run Unattended
Negligent Driving in the First Degree

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